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Control Ball Valves

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ProductsValvesControl Ball Valves

Trunnion-Mounted Control Ball Valve for Pipeline Regulation:


The TMCBV is designed to operate at high pressures while minimizing the torque needed to operate the valve. The seats are spring-preloaded and process energized for Class IV or Class V shutoff at any pressure. The TMCBV‘s capacity is greater than that of a comparable globe valve - allowing the customer to use a smaller TMCBV. The customer receives cascading

savings from using a smaller, lighter valve. It requires a smaller, less expensive actuator and lighter, less expensive pipe supports. Delivery charges are reduced, and the smaller valve is easier to install in tight piping runs.

Rotary seals, precision machining, and accurate trunnion guiding, all contribute to zero external leakage, ensuring that the TMCBV meets all environmental standards.



Control Ball Valve


Product range:


Control ball valves for normal throttling:


Class 150 – 600# from 6" through 56"

Class 900 – 1500# from 6" through 48"

Class 2500# from 6" through 24"

Control ball valves for severe service class 150 and above 6" through 48"