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Odorization Systems

ProductsSystems and PackagesOdorization Systems
ProductsSystems and PackagesOdorization Systems

Odorizing Systems: 

  • Odorization for all sorts of gases
  • Applicable for all current odorants
  • Standard and customized solutions for odorization
  • Short-term delivery for standard systems: 8 weeks
  • Economical odorizing systems thanks to modular design                                                                
  • System support and service



High precision metering pumps for an optimum use of odorants

  • Hermetically tight pump heads with zero leakage, hydraulically actuated, stainless steel diaphragm
  • Proven, state of the art electronic components control, monitor and adjust the LEWA odorizing systems
  • Outdoor proof stainless steel cabinets are available for all LEWA odorizing systems. The cabinets can be equipped with heating, insulation, lighting, lifting devices if required
  • Systems available for returnable as well as local vessels or for special applications


Product advantages:

  • Hermetically  tight even after repeat assembly and disassembly                                             
  • Easy and precise setting of odorant concentration
  • Flow-proportional, gas flow controlled odorization (injection procedure)
  • Careful selection of the individual components assures a design protecting the environment
  • Optimum odorant distribution by expert injection nozzle design
  • Designed with special safety couplings so that odorant leakages during vessel change are avoided
  • Low maintenance costs



LEWA Odorizing systems are suitable for following gases and gas mixtures:

  • Natural gas (methane) 
  • Liquefied gas (propane, butane) 
  • Technical gases (gas mixtures) oxygen, nitrogen and others


For all current sulphurous and sulphur-free odorants e.g.

  • Thioethers (Tetrahydrothiophene, Dimetylsulfide) 
  • Thioles (Mercaptane, Mercaptane-mixtures) 
  • Acrylates (Gasodor ™, S-free ™)