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Condition Monitoring System

ProductsSystems and PackagesCondition Monitoring System
ProductsSystems and PackagesCondition Monitoring System



Condition Monitoring System


With this system, pump lifecycle cost is lowered by reducing machine downtime, accomplished by progressing from preventive to condition oriented maintenance and further reducing the risk of pump breakdown


Condition Monitoring System offers the most economic operation

  • Parts are replaced only when their condition deteriorates.
  • Potential failures are recognized at an early stage to allowing for planned action, avoiding unplanned reaction. 
  • Costs due to production loss are reduced because downtimes can be
    scheduled and the required spare parts, are on hand. Teardown
    surprises are all but eliminated.
  • Goal-oriented maintenance results from clear, accurate condition
  • Cooperation with the LEWA service department is optimized.

CMS – flexible application

  • Applicable to a wide range of metering and process pumps for
  • differing fluids and operating parameters 
  • Link-up to the process guiding system (Ethernet, RS 485)  
  • Can be retrofitted to LEWA pumps already supplied  
  • Applicable for simplex and multiplex machines  
  • Suitable for operation in hazardous environments

 CMS – user-friendly operation

  • Permanent, automatic signal evaluation  
  • Intelligent error detection with plain text messages due to expert
    knowledge in electronics  
  • Differentiation of pre-alarm, alarm and shutdown conditions

 CMS – precise failure signaling

  • Displays suction and discharge valve leak rate from 1%
  • Complete breakdown of suction or discharge valve
  • Blocked lines
  • Operating pressure deviation
  • Displays hydraulic leakage from 1%
  • Diaphragm damage