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Plunger API 674 Pumps

ProductsPumpsPlunger API 674 Pumps
ProductsPumpsPlunger API 674 Pumps


Our plunger pumps are high performance feed pumps that operate with volumetric precision. That is why they are used in selected processes in the oil and gas industry.

One advantage of our plunger pumps, besides their high hydraulic power, is that they can be designed to customer specification:

  • Flexibility in the selection of material
  • Offshore design and coatings per specification
  • Layout and delivery of auxiliary parts, such as pulsation dampers and safety valves per ASME and API standards.

Performance summary:

  • Pressure up to 3500 bar (50,750 psig)
  • Volumetric flow up to 140 m3/h (620 GPM)
  • Temperature up to 200 °C (392 °F)
  • Viscosity up to 2000 mPa s


Area of application

  • For Typical Oil & Gas Applications: Our Plunger Pumps are high performance feed pumps that operate with volumetric precision. That is why they are used in select processes in the oil & gas industry.