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Gear Pumps

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ProductsPumpsGear Pumps


With our diverse standard and high performance gear pumps we are able to serve all your needs and response to any challenge. Our gear pumps are robust, self-priming and have running dry capability.

On demand, we provide as well pumps which are API, ATEX, and other standards.

  • Complex and difficult challenges
  • Dosing (repeat accuracy > 99 %)
  • pressure up to 120 bar
  • suction heights up to 8 m
  • Flow rates up to 4.350 l/min.
  • viscosity up to 150.000 mPas
  • temperature from -60°C to 450°C
  • explosive und toxic substance




  • Pumps out of all possible materials
  • high durability through high-end bearings and special coatings
  • low energy consumption and high efficiency up to h = 92 % through:
  • lowest manufacturing tolerance
  • special design
  • interchangeable thrust segments (axial bearings)
  • dry running capability
  • nearly pulsation free at different viscosities
  • higher displacement/revolution
  • lower rotation speed
  • gentle pumping
  • revolution speed adapted to medium
  • dual rotation direction
  • reduced noise level
  • no valves