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Land Loading Arms

ProductsLoading ArmsLand Loading Arms
ProductsLoading ArmsLand Loading Arms


As we provide customers with advanced technology in transfer operations for marine loading arms, we also offer a land loading arms with innovating designs, systems and services to the oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries

Land Loader Program is specifically designed for safely and efficiently loading and unloading railcars and tank trucks. This range of products includes a complete series of top and bottom loading arms which, thanks to their system elements and wide range of accessories, can be tailored to fit almost any customer need. This product range also includes loading platforms, folding stairs, safety cages, etc. that transform our loading arms into complete loading systems.

  • Nominal bores from 1" to 10"
  • Operating temperature from –196°C to +250°C
  • Operating pressures up to 50 bar
  • Parts in contact with products lined with steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, or PTFE 
  • Flanged ROTAFLEX swivel joints
  • Second line for vapor return pressure, release, or purge line
  •  Complete integration into existing processes
  • Extensive safety equipment
  • Explosion-proof models 
  • Can be expanded into complete TERRA loading systems through the inclusion of loading platforms, folding stairs, and safety cages

Bottom Loading Arm

Keys areas of product expertise are:

  • Loading / unloading systems for truck and rail cars
  • Mobile Skid-Mounted Loading and Measuring systems
  • Tandem arm design allowing transfer of two or more products from same footprint saving
    space / investment cost
  • Accessories including Swivel Joints, Emergency Release Systems, Quick Connect / Disconnect Couplers, Constant Position Monitoring systems and Control systems.

Emergency Release Couplers (ERC)