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Process Heat Exchangers

ProductsProcess Heat Exchangers
ProductsProcess Heat Exchangers


We are representing leading of manufacturer of customized heat exchangers for petrochemicals, power and oil and gas market.

Product range covers:

  • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for natural gas compression and oil treatment
  • Primary Quench Exchangers (PQE) for Ethylene applications
  • Transfer Line Exchangers (TLE) for Ethylene applications
  • Secondary and Tertiary Quench Exchangers (SQE/TQE) and relative Steam Drums (SD) and Piping Systems (PS) for Ethylene applications,
  • Process Gas Boilers/WHB with gas inside tubes and water on shell side for refining and petrochemicals applications,
  • Shell & Tube heat exchangers with exotic materials (Cr-Mo alloys, SS, Duplex, Super-duplex, Ni alloys, Ti, Zr) and/or operating at severe conditions (Pressure > 50 barg, Temperature > 400 °C, erosive/corrosive environment)
  • Once Through Coolers (OTC) for Power applications (turbines by Alstom)
  • Process Equipment for UREA, Ammonia, Methanol, Melamine applications

Pressure range up to 620 bar and temperature up to 1000 ºC







  • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers for high pressure/high temperature positions
  • Feed-effluent interchangers for hydro processing plants
  • Process gas boiler packages for hydrogen production
  • Special heat exchangers for reformers for hydrogen production
  • Heat Recovery Systems

Petrochemical plants

  • Quench coolers (TLEs, PQEs, SQEs TQEs) for ethylene plants
  • Urea strippers and carbamate condensers
  • Melamine tubular reactors
  • Process gas boilers for ammonia, methanol and syngas plants, including steam drums, super heaters and feed water pre-heaters
  • High pressure/high temperature process shell and tube heat exchangers
  • High pressure/high temperature

Power Station

  • Gas turbine once through coolers
  • Steam generator packages for thermal solar plants
  • High-pressure feed water pre-heaters and steam drums