Finned Tube Air Coolers


Alfa Laval Olmi offers a wide range for Forced- and Induced-Air Coolers. Their

products can handle pressures up to 613 bar as well as temperatures up to

400 °C and for the tubes a broad variety of materials can be applied.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


 Primary Quench Exchangers (PQE) for Ethylene applications

• Transfer Line Exchangers (TLE) for Ethylene applications

• Secondary and Tertiary Quench Exchangers (SQE/TQE) and relative Steam

Drums (SD) and Piping Systems (PS) for Ethylene applications

• Process Gas Boilers/WHB with gas inside tubes and water on shell side for

refining and petrochemicals applications

• Shell & Tube heat exchangers with exotic materials (Cr-Mo alloys, SS, Duplex,

Super-duplex, Ni alloys, Ti, Zr) and/or operating in severe conditions

(Pressure > 50 barg, Temperature > 400 °C, erosive/corrosive environment)

• Once Through Coolers (OTC) for Power applications (turbines by Alstom)

• Process Equipment for UREA, Ammonia, Methanol, and Melamine applications

Cooling Towers

SCAM is a well experienced technology provider for open circuit cooling

towers for both civil and industrial plants. With its own equipment

design, an inhouse production and doing the installation on client site,

SCAM can respond to individual client needs.

Product range covers:

• Field erected cooling towers, FRP and Concrete material

• Packaged cooling towers.

• Turnkey cooling towers with water treatment unit and pumps and

all accessories

• Capacity Up to 50,000 m3/hr